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Kakinada is a coastal city , a municipal corporation and the headquarters of East Godavari district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Kakinada is witnessing rapid growth due to the recently granted Special Economic Zone status. It is one of the largest tier-2 cities of India and the fourth largest tier-2 city in A.P. The city also has a deep-water port which is expanding rapidly.

The presence of a small island called Hope Island about 5 km from Kakinada coast, makes Kakinada a natural Harbor. Prior to construction of the deep water port, the old anchorage port operated for several decades as the largest minor port in India. At present, both deep water port and older anchorage port operate side by side.

Kakinada is relatively a younger city compared to other major cities in Andhra pradesh. The city itself grew into prominence in the last 300 years after the European settlers arrived here and the British made it an administrative headquarters for the local area they ruled.

Several theories exist regarding the origin of the name Kakinada. The most popular and probably correct theory is that the place where the city was built was called 'Kaki nandiwada' during the reign of Nandi kings who ruled prior to the arrival of the Europeans. The name was truncated to Kakinada over the passage of time.

The first European settlers in this port city were the Dutch, followed by the British and then the missionaries of the Canadian Baptist Mission in 1874. After Independence, it was renaturalized to Kakinada, although a few organisations established during the British colonial rule retain the old name (e.g., Cocanada Chamber of Commerce).

Kakinada is known as Second Madras. The original town that includes the central business district is a well planned city that is divided in several grids with main roads that are straight and are parallel which run across the city.

Kakinada is famous for the sweet named "Kakinada kaja"
Kakinada is the first place in Asia where the Bio Diesel plant is constructed.

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